F.R.E.D., Franchise Real Estate Department is a commercial real estate division of Keyser, dedicated to retail commercial leasing for franchise brands throughout the US and Canada.

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We ONLY represent tenants

…therefore, we negotiate aggressively for our clients. We are very pro-active in our site selection process and we are extremely aware and sensitive to providing solid prime retail locations that meets your specific brand criteria. With our state-of-the-art technology and location intelligence, we can provide a market-by-market analysis based on your demographics, brand specifics and unit economics.

We specialize in providing a complete real estate process for franchise candidates from site selection, through lease negotiations to “Now Open” by coordinating with construction and legal throughout the entire process—all at no cost to you or your franchisee.

Don’t have a real estate department, budget for additional infrastructure, or a real estate process?

No Problem. With F.R.E.D. on your side, you’ll have all the commercial real estate support you need.


You know better than anyone, your brand is more than just a logo and a product—it’s an environment, a culture, a way of life. While no singular thing can define a franchise, many things can play a role into how your customers perceive your franchise, including your retail location and space.

From planting your very first roots to expanding to your hundredth location, we can help. Your Keyser franchise specialist brings deep market knowledge and experience, best-in-class demographic and psychographic data to identify the optimum sites and negotiate optimal terms.


Strategic Planning

  1. Corporate and Regional Developer market collaboration to provide individually tailored roll out plans for multi-unit franchise development.

Marketing Analysis

  1. Receive alert of new franchisee and general territory from franchise development
  2. Micro and Macro market analysis from Keyser and local broker teams
  3. Market education and provide real time synopsis of availabilities, developments, rents, etc.

Site Search / Tour & Ranking

  1. Thorough market search with Keyser and local broker
  2. Quantify top 2 – 5 sites for corporate review
  3. Site drive / tourDetermine best sites and create strategic plan for negotiation

Negotiate LOI / Site Submittal

  1. Submit initial LOIs to Landlord with franchisee financials
  2. Keyser to negotiate LOI terms and conditions with franchisee
  3. Receive signed LOI and submit application to Landlord for review and approval
  4. Complete full site submittal and submit to corporate

Receive & Negotiate Lease & Space Planning

  1. Receive space layout and signage proof from Landlord; prep architects
  2. Receive initial draft lease; provide initial lease / business points reviewed in conjunction with attorney
  3. Franchisee to submit draft lease to corporate
  4. Negotiate lease with Landlord
  5. Submit signed lease, deposits and design fit of studio to Landlord

Permitting & Build Out

  1. Determine store opening date
  2. Access to Keyser’s network connections
  3. Keyser available as needed through entire process

Grand Opening

  1. Keyser can help franchisees obtain TIA check from Landlord where needed