Blake Hardison


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

I’m committed to giving my time, talent, and energy to better those around me. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, I believe that the greatest amount of personal success comes from selflessly serving others. I’m also committed to the creation of wealth, not just for myself but for my clients and those around me. I do not believe that success is reserved for just a small group, but rather I believe that anyone can reach their potential given the proper guidance. I am grateful for those who have shared their life work with me, and I feel a duty to share my talent with others.


Founding Member of Keyser
Top Producer, City to City Commercial
Subcommittee Chair, Financial Executives International
Arizona State University (ASU), W.P. Carey School of Business, Summa Cum Laude in Finance
Fluent in the Spanish Language
Licensed Real Estate Agent, State of Arizona

My "Why Keyser"

I used to erroneously believe that I would spend the first 40+ years of my life in business providing for myself and then hang up my gloves to spend the next 20+ years of my life in charitable work. However, I believe there is a better way to do business, one in which you can integrate selfless service and success throughout your entire career. Leaving my prior firm to be a founding member of Keyser was difficult because I had already created a successful partnership with close friends. However, it was a choice I had to make. At Keyser we are not just creating a company, we’re changing the business world through selfless service.

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