About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

I grew up with strong, generous, influential people in my life. They have taught me that there is nothing more important in this world than people. Giving and serving others brings a deep fulfillment to my life and I’ve always felt more redeemed when I gave than when I received. The feeling is priceless.


Arizona Real Estate License
Completed Mormon Mission in Yugoslavia
Fluent in Serbo-Croatian
Completed Landmarks Introduction Leader’s Program

My "Why Keyser"

What I love the most, when I come into work every day, it never feels like work. We work really hard, but we have fun with what we do. It’s an unparalleled experience to be a part of the Keyser team. When I learned about Keyser, the operating principles were the first thing that really inspired me. I align with the principles, especially number three. It makes me feel good about the work I am doing when the work aligns with my self-purpose and morals.

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