Matt Roberts


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

After dipping my toes into sales roles in several different industries, it wasn’t until I landed at one of the large commercial real estate firms that I truly found my passion for real estate. Still, I found too much of the CRE industry to be motivated by money and commissions. Once I talked to Jonathan and read his book, I knew I had finally found the right place to grow. The Keyser culture and client-first mindset make for an exciting work environment and one that you feel good about being a part of.

CREDENTIALS and affiliations

BA, Telecommunications and Business Administration, Penn State University
Association of Proposal Management Professionals

My "Why Keyser"

Many companies brag about their culture and values but in reality, it’s just a marketing ploy. Not so with Keyser, and I knew almost immediately after meeting the team that everyone here actually practices what they preach. I joined during a very uncertain time for the commercial real estate industry due to COVID, but one thing I am certain of is that Keyser’s unique approach will be leading the charge. Selfless service, or putting others’ needs first, is a concept that has begun to permeate my life even outside of work and I’m looking forward to growing both personally and professionally with such a truly talented team of people.

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