About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

Growing up in Kansas, I had a wonderful family and my life was always comfortable, yet I was raised to appreciate my good fortune and blessings. Throughout my young adulthood, I looked for ways to help those less fortunate by working at local soup kitchens and with other programs for disadvantaged families. In college, I tutored high school students at a halfway house for troubled teenagers. While working part-time at Best Buy, I accepted the volunteer position of Community Services Director. This role allowed me to increase staff volunteer participation significantly and indirectly pour thousands of dollars into many local organizations due to Best Buy’s “dollars for hours” match. I also served as the Community Service Chairman for my fraternity. These experiences have truly taught me the value of “giving back” and I fully embrace Horace Mann’s philosophy that “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.


Bachelor of Science in Finance and Political Science

My "Why Keyser"

After reading the fifteen core principles of Keyser, I was eager to work for a company that would identify these principles as the cornerstones to their success. I had finally found a company that not only aligned its core beliefs with my ideals but also encouraged their employees to commit their lives to serving others, rather than focusing purely on personal financial success. After meeting with the team and Jonathan, all my notions proved correct, and I knew I had found a home where I could grow personally and professionally and, together with my coworkers, continue to bring a new level of trust and client service to the commercial real estate industry.

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