Keyser is a conflict-free, occupier only commercial real estate firm. We take client advocacy to an unparalleled level and our highest priority is to protect and champion the interests of occupiers and buyers—not landlords.

As a result, our clients always receive complete and uncompromised advocacy and the highest level real estate service available in the market today. This commitment and allegiance to our clients is foundational to our culture and directly impacts our ability to outperform other real estate firms who claim to provide similar services.

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Keyser specializes in helping organizations manage their global real estate portfolio more effectively. Since our inception in 2013, Keyser has completed a commercial real estate deal in every state as well as many internationally. In markets outside of Arizona, Keyser partners with local tenant-only commercial real estate firms. These resources are available because Keyser is a proud founding member of Exis Global, a best-in-class commercial real estate organization committed to representing tenants and end users both locally and globally. This partnership is extremely valuable because it was founded by 16 of the world’s most respected, independent brokerage firms who collaborate regularly and provide the best tenant representation.  This partnership means our team is backed by over 1,000 Exis Global partner employees throughout 44 independent commercial real estate firms worldwide. Wherever your business resides, Keyser can help.


Keyser is tenant only. Our highest priority is to protect and champion the interests of the occupiers we represent. When commercial real estate service providers represent both landlords and occupiers, fiduciary obligations are inevitably compromised, and providers assume the role of mediators rather than exclusive advocates. Because of our responsibility to our clients, we never represent landlords, developers, property managers, real estate investors, or any other organization against which our clients will negotiate. This gives our clients the peace of mind that we will never undermine their best interests with strategies intent on winning future business from real estate owners or developers.

Whether the need is to relocate, consolidate, downsize, expand, renegotiate a current lease, purchase a property, or construct a building, Keyser has the expertise and experience needed to manage the process from start to finish. We are fully committed to helping our clients reduce their overall real estate expenses, increase flexibility, and enhance their competitive position in the global marketplace by delivering exceptional transactional outcomes. Keyser provides the complete spectrum of strategic advisory and transaction services across all property types and is focused on servicing our clients through various transaction structures, including but not limited to: Direct Leasing, Dispositions, Acquisitions, Sale/Leasebacks, Back Office / Call Centers, and Relocations.


When your perfect space doesn’t already exist, there is an opportunity to create a new custom environment built for your specific needs. Keyser’s world-class Project Managers guide clients through the often complex and tedious real estate design and construction process. We ensure that the best interests of our client, rather than the landlord or developer, are served from design through move-in, yielding minimal business disruption and ensuring that their real estate projects are delivered on time and under budget.


To this day, a surprising number of companies still use Excel to track their lease information. At Keyser, we believe in leveraging technology to manage our clients’ real estate portfolios better. Keyser offers all elements of the lease administration process throughout the lifecycle of a lease, from coordination with the transaction team to lease abstraction, critical date management and reporting, through landlord interaction. Data accuracy begins with multiple layers of lease abstraction review supported by custom reporting and best-in-class technology. This process ensures that accurate, reliable, and actionable lease data is delivered to clients quickly. Our offerings are scalable and dependent on client requirements.


Markets are constantly changing, which means there are opportunities to reevaluate your current real estate strategy. If it’s time to get a second opinion on your current situation, portfolio, rent rate, property analysis, or real estate strategy, you can trust Keyser’s real estate experts to give you a fair and accurate analysis of better real estate leasing opportunities.


As real estate becomes increasingly complex, how companies hold real estate and structure their transactions is critical. Say goodbye to being blindsided by the fine print and confusing tax language. Keyser’s Capital Markets experts help clients understand the various financial structures available, along with the respective tax and corporate finance implications, and help them structure optimal transactions for their respective shareholders. We offer customized disposition, acquisition, and recapitalization services, coupled with industry-leading market intelligence to empower our clients with unparalleled exposure to their optimal corporate capital markets and corporate finance opportunities. We deliver a real competitive advantage and superior returns on our clients’ real estate investments by facilitating real estate investment sales, sale/leaseback transactions, aligning joint ventures, and optimizing debt and structured finance.


Keyser’s disruptive site selection capabilities help organizations apply science and big data to a process that, in the past, has relied almost entirely on guesswork. This increases client confidence that the selected site is indeed the right location and increases the competitive advantage around talent, community resources, incentives, and municipal negotiations.

Based on the locational, demographic, and psychographic data collected, Keyser can effectively advise clients on a commercial real estate strategy that may provide an advantage and lead to the best opportunity for hiring, retention, visibility, and consumer success.


Expanding into a new market can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If your business is positioned for expansion into a new market, have you considered what locational incentives may be available? With the Keyser team at your side, you’ll have deep insights into how to accurately forecast spending, predict employment based on the current employment pool available, and remove unknown market variables. After determining your costs and overall capital expenditure, Keyser’s team can research and analyze and estimate potential economic incentives available to your company.