DMI Inc. is North America’s longest-running appliance cooperative buying group. They supply appliances to independent retailers across the tri-state area. Before relocating to their 850,000 SF current facility at 400 Cabot Dr. Suite B, Hamilton Township, NJ 08691, they were operating out of a 400,000 SF facility in Hamilton Township, NJ.

When DMI needed to expand its warehousing facility, they contacted Keyser’s team of commercial real estate advocates to assist them. With the strategic guidance of Keyser’s team of industrial experts, DMI considered all available options, including a build-to-suit, greenfield purchase, existing building purchase, renewal, and relocation.

The Market Challenges

DMI began the process in the early 2020s when:

  • Industrial opportunities were filling rapidly,
  • Available supply was well below demand,
  • Competition for space was heightened,
  • Construction supplies were limited,
  • Supply chain delays were rippling throughout the industry,
  • Rental rates and sale prices were rapidly escalating, and
  • Tenants were struggling to create negotiating leverage.

The Negotiation & Results

Utilizing DMI’s footprint size, a well-crafted, positive narrative about DMI, and a cushioned timeline, Keyser’s tenant-only advocates, Jonathan Keyser, Ryan Steele, and Kari Hartman, were able to maximize Keyser’s leverage and negotiating strength, ultimately achieving an 18% below market lease rate. Keyser’s negotiations also led to the accommodation of DMI’s non-traditional requests, including the ability to sublease one-third of their facility without needing landlord approval.

DMI was pleased with the results of this transaction because not only were they able to find an expansion solution within their budget, but they were also able to increase their space’s efficiency through cross-docking.

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