Lyle Myers

About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

Growing up in a small rural community in Indiana I was no stranger to hard work. I usually tell people I was the original “Mike Rowe” of Dirty Jobs because on the farm there are many! When you live on the farm, you don’t always take care of your farm, but you also serve all of the other farmers as well. No matter the need, no matter the season if the call went out, you respond to help your fellow farmer. This was ingrained in me in Sunday School where we learned the biblical principle of choosing to serve rather than to be served. As I have grown into my professional life and career, fortunately, I haven’t lost that principle. We all need to strive to be servant leaders and serve our community and be involved in serving our fellow man.


Bachelor’s Business – MBA – Marketing
Founder 3 Franchise Companies
Awarded 2018 Fastest Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine
Founder Retail Business
Six-Time Excellence in Marketing Award Winner – Telecommunications Co.
Four-Time Presidents Club/Masters Award Winner – Telecommunications Co.
Member of Telecommunications Co. Marketing Hall of Fame


Former Precinct Committeeman
Member Board of Directors & Partner – Spa Acquistions LLC
Former Church Board Member – 4 terms

My "Why Keyser"

I feel like I have been a part of the Keyser team since 2016 when I executed a Master Broker agreement with Keyser to handle all our Real Estate needs for several of my franchise companies. I have seen how the company follows its 15 guiding principles firsthand.  For me, business is all about relationships.  Keyser consistently builds those relationships to last, not just for profit, but for the good of the overall relationship.

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