Stephanie Dawa


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

Throughout my life I have been diligent, earnest and committed to self-improvement. This has afforded me the opportunity to provide a high level of service throughout my career. It is through humility and an open heart that I have experienced joy and seen true enrichment through service. The beauty of selfless service is that it can be shown to anyone from acts of kindness to active listening. The possibilities are endless and the impact profound.



St. Mary’s Food Bank

St. Vincent de Paul

Feed My Starving Children Volunteer

My "Why Keyser"

After working at the same firm for my entire commercial real estate career, I was approached with an opportunity to join the Keyser team. Once I read Jonathan’s book and met several members of the team, I knew I wanted to join the Keyser family. It is completely invigorating to be a part of such a collaborative, creative and encouraging environment with a unique approach to commercial real estate. The commitment to providing selfless service and operating to the best of our potential is both inspiring and gratifying. I look forward to continuing to grow both personally and professionally, incorporating Keyser’s principles to help others achieve their goals.

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