Brian Uretzky


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

My commitment to service stems from my commitment to personal growth. Strengthening skills connected to service means I become more thoughtful, a better listener, less selfish, and focused on making others happy. From my perspective, growing in these areas creates a great foundation for personal growth and success in life.


Master of Business Administration

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, State of Arizona


Dana Farber

Miles for Miracles

Commercial Real Estate Financial Council

My "Why Keyser"

I’ve worked at numerous financial institutions and have friends both on and off Wall Street. Most people I know are either too stressed or too unhappy with their careers. I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with living with this much negativity. Jonathan’s message is one that is very in line with what I believe. Stop focusing on yourself, and your needs, and just help others. If you do that, good things will happen. I know this, because I have experienced the rewards of this practice in other areas of my life.

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