Faith Rocha


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

Faith felt she has always lived a life of service and feels completely thrilled to be a part of a movement that its focus is to share this mindset and way of life with the rest of the business community. As a proud wife mother of three, she strives daily to show her children the selfless service way that one should live their life.


Business Administration and Management Bachelor’s Degree—University of Phoenix
Accounting and Business/Management Bachelor f Science (BS)—Western International University


Society of Human Resources Management

My "Why Keyser"

For Faith, the core principles are a mindset, a feeling, a way of life. They are the how she believes all cultures should be in their truest form, however that is not the case for most companies, groups, or people. She struggled for years to find a place that not only understood the way she felt but actually lived by them. She met Jonathan and learned how he believed in the same principles she had spent her life trying to articulate and was blown away.

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