Kurt Rockstroh


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

During my 40+ years of professional practice, the most satisfying part of my journey has been helping my clients define and successfully meet all their project goals and objectives. The concept of predicting and solving their potential problems before they happen is particularly personally rewarding. When the only surprises are GOOD surprises like ending up under budget, completed early and the client loving the finished product beyond expectation, I feel professionally fulfilled. I love developing and working in a team environment and appreciate that the only way all the good surprises occur on complex projects is when a cohesive team works together with a common goal. Because of my team focused approach most of my close friends are my clients and design & construction industry cohorts I have had the honor to support.


American Institute of Architects College of Fellows (FAIA) – 2004 – Present

Registered Architect since 1978 – Multiple State Registrations

American College of Healthcare Architects – Founding Member and Fellow (FACHA)

President and CEO – Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA) and Sterling Planning Alliance (SPA) – 1994 – 2019


President, Facility Guidelines Institute – Board of Directors – 2012-2018 , 2020  (Current Past-President / FGI Board Member)

Vice Chairman, FGI Health Guidelines Committee 2006 / 2010/ 2014 Editions of “The Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities”

Founding Co-Chair – Boston Society of Architects – Health Care Facilities Committee – 1982-1993

The Boston Home – Board of Trustees – 1993 – 2019

Founding Co-Chair – Boston Society of Architects – Health Care Facilities Committee – 1982-1993

Academy of Architecture for Health – Member since 1978 – Served on Board of Directors for 7 years

My "Why Keyser"

I had set up an AZ based LLC to focus on serving as a consulting owners rep/project manager. I was fortunate to meet Jim Sadler who introduced me to the wonderful Keyser team. Everything about Keyser rung true with me. The Guiding Principles were totally in line with how I ran my Architectural practice for over 25 years. For me being part of the Keyser family is a perfect fit.

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