Olivia Garrett


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

People think service has to be a grandiose, traditional thing. I believe service is taking the opportunity to consistently go out of your way to make someone’s life better. Even small acts matter. If you’ve even poured an ounce of happiness into someone or made their day, hour, or minute more enjoyable, you’ve done your job. If you serve others, big or small, at the end of the day you can be proud of your influence on the world.


Bachelors in Graphic Design with an Emphasis in Web Design
Minor in Marketing from Grand Canyon University

My "Why Keyser"

Keyser’s culture and mission is a huge attractor. It’s fulfilling to work for a company that is putting good back into the world, puts their words into action, and focuses on serving others on a daily basis. When you work with Keyser, you know you’re in good hands and your best interests are in mind. You can tackle your business goals without fear—you’ve got the good guys on your side.

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