Teresa Ravia


About Me

& My Personal Commitment to Service

As long as those who I serve are successful, I know I’ve accomplished the job I’m on this earth to do.


Love of Christ Lutheran Church Member
Member of Ladies Hiking Group
Vacation Bible School Educator

My "Why Keyser"

After over 35 years working in the large corporate environment with all their rules, regulations and red tape, I was recruited away from Newmark, the company in which I planned to retire with. The concept of a company where people could just be who they are and not be judged, fired or sued for being themselves was intriguing and I found myself with a very difficult decision to make – leaving my “home” where I had so many friends and still do, or moving into uncharted territory.

I love it here because it is a place where people are open, can have discussions without being ostracized based on beliefs, whether they are personal, religious or political. I have spent my life being the person that is “there” for everyone and serving others before myself. I know that I have found a place where people will be there for me if need be, although I have a hard time asking for help as I’m not used to that being an option.

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