The Value of Tenant-Only Representation in Commercial Real Estate Renewals

United Planners, a prominent financial services firm, faced the challenge of navigating the complexity of a lease renewal amidst uncertainties brought on by post-pandemic workforce demands and the evolving greater Phoenix/Scottsdale office market. This case study will demonstrate how engaging an intentional strategy with a tenant-only commercial real estate firm like Keyser provides measurable value with not only achieving stated objectives but providing very attractive optionality.

Challenges and Objectives:

As United Planners approached their lease renewal, the primary challenge was to comprehend the dynamic real estate market, evaluate the fairness of the renewal terms offered by their landlord, and explore potential adjustments to their office footprint in light of the remote work trend sparked by the pandemic of 2020.


The Tenant-Only Advantage:

United Planners chose to work with Keyser, attracted by their specialization as tenant-only representatives. This decision aimed to mitigate conflicts of interest and benefit from a partner solely dedicated to advocating for the tenant’s best interests. Keyser’s focus on transparent, tenant-only representation combined with their commitment to strategically aligning overall business goals with the best commercial real estate solution made them an ideal partner for United Planners during a period of uncertainty and deliberation.

For many businesses in today’s landscape, they feel they need to iron out their plans before consulting their brokerage partner. Keyser, however, acts as a strategic partner, giving guidance and acting as a sounding board as its clients consider all options and scenarios, including downsizing, relocating, or renewing and maintaining their current footprint. Keyser’s initial steps involved providing United Planners with a comprehensive market analysis, helping them understand current real estate trends and benchmarking their existing lease costs against comparable spaces. The negotiation process was characterized by Keyser’s patient and attentive approach, adapting to United Planners’ evolving requirements and strategic curiosities, and providing valuable insights into potential alternative office configurations. By demonstrating to United Planners what was possible in the office marketplace no matter the workplace strategy they opted to engage, Keyser provided United Planner’s the peace of mind that they were making the right decision and, in the process, strategically positioned United Planners with several attractive alternatives including motivating the landlord to incentivize United Planners to stay.


The collaboration between United Planners and Keyser demonstrated the significant value of engaging Keyser in a scenario where a getting a below market lease renewal is the objective.  Keyser’s expertise, market knowledge, strategy and commitment to tenant advocacy not only secured a far below market lease renewal for United Planners but also provided invaluable support during a period of uncertainty both in internal decision-making and office market dynamics.